Director’s Message

“Even a long step starts with a single step”. The school was established in 1999 with the vision of educating the little minds in harmonious way. Providing such education in which they may interact with the nature and may attain the height of intellectual power. The school accepts each student’s as a sacred trust from God and consider them individuals.

The school is growing rapidly and many facilities have been provided and it is being added every year. We believe in providing quality education along with the basic skills in the students. The students are performing better day by day and boosting our confidence to do positive for them. We are planning to do something different in our school in coming time.

I would like to show my humble gratitude to all the parents, friends and good wishers who have shown their faith in our system and management. I would like to assure all of them not to disappoint them at any way.

Principal’s Message

School is an instrument where we learn the basics of life after the family. The good environment of the school influences the delicate minds a lot. “Bright Boy Public school” endeavors in this side of education. We take care of the student’s habit and activities and make them corrected.

The purpose of the school is not only to provide important instruction but also to develop the total personality of the child by training his/her intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and aesthetic faculties to make him/her fully human.

The curriculum is updated and according the need of student. The teachers are fully dedicated to the school. Our last result was very good. Some student’s shown tremendous performance in academics as well as in extracurricular activities. And we are highly inspired now to add up many more in future.