1. The principal reserves the right to admit or reject the application for admission.
  2. Fees payable are subject to change from time to time. Parents will be however informed of any such changes.
  3. The management / Principal can in interest of the school may ask the parent to remove the child during the school year or at the end of session.
  4. 75% attendance is required to be made by every child in a session to appear in the final examination.
  5. The students who fails twice in the same class will have to leave the school.
  6. If the student is caught using unfair means during the test / examination, disciplinary action can be taken.
  7. Transfer certificate for with drawl will not be issued until all the dues of the school are settled.
  8. It is duty of the parents to send the child in neat & clean uniform, maintain regularity, check and sign school diary, encourage to take part in curricular activities and behave properly.
  9. The children will not be allowed to go home during school hours without permission.
  10. The student absent from examination for any reason will not be re – examined.