Vision & Mission

To envisage education as a means of promoting the integral formation of the whole man, with an inner spiritual dynamism. We would want our pupils to develop their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical resources to the maximum extent for their individual growth and development of others.

While respecting all religions we strive to deepen and strengthen the faith formation imparted in the school. Greater stress on other aspects of education than academic achievements alone is one of our main challenges.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Special focus on personality development and spoken English.
  2. To make students confident, competent, independent & self directed learners….
  3. To initiate the child towards aesthetic appreciation.
  4. To impart quality education under the able guidance of hard working and experienced teacher.
  5. Make learning an interesting experience.
  6. Stress on leadership training, democratic way of living, moral progress and feeling of nation integration.
  7. Modern method of education.
  8. To provide holistic and balanced education to make the children independent responsible, self reliant and disciplined citizen.